Ever wanted to swim upstream?  Go against the grain?  It has taken me a lifetime to realize that actually, this is MY life to craft, and to take back my voice and my vote.  The pressure is great this time of the year to conform.  Holiday parties galore, forced shallow socialization and mass consumerism are sold as the norm.  My body says differently.  My soul calls for quiet time.  Nature knows the value of plowing under the winter wheat in a field.  A time to have the deep cookings under the soil provide the eventual fodder for new growth again, come Spring, for new creativity and connections.  Winter is a time for me for revelations, awakenings, reckonings, sweet stillness on purpose, and a more than a few laughs and hugs from those I love most dearly as we spend time together making memories and not large credit card debt.  

I choose to lie in a hammock of support, the essential oils.  Maybe I’ll knit something or have a third cup of tea by the fire in the morning, or catch up on reading.  The cacophony of the Holiday Season can still get to me, and it takes great fortitude to maintain my equilibrium, in the resultant hubbub.  The oils that assist us this time of year are such true gifts.  The real packages under the tree, or from the tree as it may be……

Blue Tansy:  This oil is hugely sedative and has such a sweet way of encouraging my deep and complete “breathing out” while feeling totally supported.

Chamomile:  Well a cup of this tea is nice, but how about placing this oil on the heart and around the neck and inhaling deeply.  I love this oil in the diffuser with Grapefruit oil too!  Chamomile is touted by all as the fast lane to relaxation.  Where can I sign on?

Blue Yarrow:  This friend always helps me sleep when my mind is overactive.  She provides balance for all CNS system issues and her peppery smell helps us ward off unwanted energies and negative thought processes, from ourselves and others.  It helps us stay true to our real voice and true nature and paints a bubble of support around us in times of vulnerability.  

Noticing they are all “blue” oils….beautiful blue color.  So, rather than saying I am Blue during the Holidays, I claim instead I sink into the sweet, blissful vibrancy of the calming blue waters, like I would sink into a hammock.  We are supported.  Even if we choose stillness and it is unpopular.  

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