Roots are such powerful teachers - instructors of etymology and etiology alike.  I look to the Pandanus tree or the Banyan tree, and marvel at the bold proliferation of aerial roots, and consider the meaning.  Let us ask:  What level of faith must it require for us to hold our hands and hearts out, in humble solicitation of love and nourishment, from our environment, in an exposed and vulnerable manner that negates the added energy required to send the same request into the soil, where we are more likely guaranteed to receive fulfillment?  That to me, is pure GRACE.

Here, we enter the realm of the Angels.  Whether you are religious, spiritual, an agnostic, or an atheist, the simplest meaning of the word “angel” is energy.  As catalysts, portents of change and support in that change, we are indeed, in the arms of the angels.  We can never go wrong by acknowledging the help we receive along the way, in life.  Thought and feeling, too, are just energies.  The highest vibration of the stellar confluence of both sensation and belief, comes from love and gratitude.  In my existence, honoring the angels all around me, elicits feelings of love and gratitude, from deep within my origin.  So, I herald:  “An angel a day, keeps the doctor away!”  

Angelica root, though a taproot, carries this same deep and sonorous truth.  Grace in action, as its nomenclature reveals, Angelica’s discourse centers around earth and heaven.  We typically think of the air as the angel’s arena;  Yet, as all great Kahunas - medicine women and men around the globe, declare, delving first into the depths allows for the opportunity and fortitude for light and expansion into the higher realms.  Angelica Root’s grace of gifting comes in the package of embodiment.  When we are full, from the inside, with our passion and purpose, from our taproot we can fully inhabit ourselves and our “joie de vivre”.  The launch platform of love and gratitude as our soil, provides us capacity to form a singular, unified, glorious stalk to higher realms.  

Angelica serves as a carminative, estrogenic and hormonal tonic, facilitator of CNS health, anti-spasmodic, sedative, stimulant to white blood cell production and eradicator of migraine headaches.  I find this essence to be of the most effective of the immune stimulants.  

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