All I Learned From a Seed Pod

Most days I feel deepest gratitude for all the teachings of my friends, the plants and trees.  And so I share this today in wonder that I am blessed enough to be a messenger for them and work as a phytoaromatherapist:

It is futile to counteract nature, nature’s ways, patterns, cycles, design, and yet we are still a culture of dam builders….we as humans love to feel we are the architects, but really we are blessed enough to be the marionette and nature is the puppeteer and if we really listen and work WITHIN the genetic and cosmological design template that we were gifted, then the show can be quite beautiful and full of grace.

We cannot alter the nature of things, but nature (and we as an extension of it) CAN direct energy and information to nourish certain aspects of it.  So, we have a genetic code and we CAN turn genes on or off with intentions and meditations - western science is now proving this.  We can choose every moment to feed the “black wolf or the white wolf”.  Nature shows us that twins or multiples can and do exist, and she still can choose to nourish or “favor” one of the litter…..often there is a “runt” and that one too is loved, but not given the most nourishment.  They all have a right to BE and to be loved.  How can the essential oils nourish us and feed the aspects of ourselves we choose to GROW and help to love but shrink the aspects of ourselves we care not to feed?  So my Aunt has a genetic disposition for heart disease….AND, so too can she welcome in ways to feed and support her heart HEALTH (because that exists in her too) and make the runt of the litter the genetic disposition for dis-ease.  Notice the photo of the seed pod….one seed is thriving and the other diminishing….which seeds in you will you water and can you love them both and still provide loving shelter to them both, for they are both you….