Much of modern science, Western science, more specifically, is failing to satisfy us.  We look for the right study to prove something (and the expression goes:  “Science is always the last to know” - things ancient cultures have known forever) and then we find out how much money it costs to run a proper double-blind study and that only pharmaceutical companies can even afford to do one, and then it takes years on top of that to get something through the very corrupt FDA with lobbyists, and so we have people arguing both sides of the same coin.  On one hand people say “Well, if these are so powerful, show me the science!”  On the other hand they express their disgust with modern pharmaceuticals and the allopathic model that is founded on this very science and its failure to help them…..Well, the science is flawed and we know you get what you are looking for - its all about the questions you ask, and then statisticians can manipulate ANY study to read ANY way, depending on who is paying for the study and what results they want.  So, we are asked to come from a different place.  A deep listening and trusting.  A trusting of the ancient ways. 

So, then, I just listen to my inner wisdom, and to others I trust.  I have witnessed many people have success and transformative experiences with the oils and they always come back with such deep gratitude.  A woman working with me had a son who burned his arm so badly on a hot fire as he tripped.  His whole forearm was peeling off and oozing puss, and they told him at the hospital to keep bandage on and use cream and it would be months before any healing would happen and he might have major nerve damage and should consider a skin graft.  I took a breath, asked with courage if she was willing to trust and try something “out of the box” as far as western medicine was concerned, and she said yes.  Her son applied lavender and tea tree oils 4 times a day to the burn, and nothing else and kept it open to the air, and within 10 days he had no more burn and within 3 weeks there was no scar left.  She saved hundreds of dollars that she did not have for modern medical intervention and treatment, and her son and she both are true believers and some of the oils biggest fans!