C-Love or “See Love”

C-L-O-V-E oil - one of my favorites.  This essential oil has encouraged men and women alike to obsessively follow me around in the grocery store or public place and ask about the smell.   Its delicious aroma has brought me many an enlivened and intimate moments, with those I have loved.  An aphrodisiac like no other, it warms the soul, the heart and the body.  Spreading it on the heart area opens the heart and allows deeper connection in private moments.  This beautiful essence, from the clove bud, radiates its beautiful pink loving color, (before it is dried and we buy it in the store for seasoning) on all levels.  The medicinal and therapeutic properties align with its warming effect, as it has carminative properties and can “burn” out many pathogens in our bodies.  Clove is one of the best oils for working to eradicate tumors and cancer, and any serious infection for that matter.  As a “hot” oil, temperature wise, make sure to ask a trained and licensed aromatherapist how to use this oil.