Coffea Robusta

Bathing in the sweet warm breezes of Hawaii and noting that Hawai’i means “the inspiration waters that wash us clean and return us to Divinity” and feeling deep gratitude for the beautiful word Alana, with many different meanings from different cultures.  My favorites are: “Awakening” in Hawaiian, and a general allusion to the inherent wisdom and intelligence behind all of Nature.  So I say, Aloha Alana, as my mantra and honor all the ways the wisdom of Nature shines forth to gift us daily with blessings when we welcome in the essences to our lives.  As I work with Coffea Robusta, coffee bean absolute essence, I appreciate that I am in the land of coffee growers and marvel at the beauty of the plant, and the abilities of this oil to purify and cleanse and uplift us in low times.  This oil has been a real blessing for some challenging skin irritations and so soothing to the skin in many ways.  She shows us the ability to cleanse and to do so with gentleness, with her YIN energy.  The complex aroma of coffee bean essence reminds me of the comfort of waking up and taking time to just be with myself and feel held in the warm hug of the “in between”- when a day has not yet begun and we have the blessed opportunity to set our intentions of love and gratitude before we take our first step.  Many of the oils help us to “wash clean and return to our inherent Divinity, our “Point of Origin”.