Aphrodisiacs.  Love Potions.  Agents that elicit arousal and usher in the grace and beauty of sensual love.  These realms of mysticism and the blessed turf of Aphrodite, Venus and Cupid, ignite our longing and call us to unite with something bigger than ourselves in the name of love and union.  Yes, flowers have evolved over millennia to attract.  The flower does not effort to attract the bee or the bird or the pollinating moth.  Rather, they just open and blossom and welcome.  Their survival depends on it, and so their sweet scent has evolved to the most delicious level possible.  Never underestimate the power of smell to suggest and pave the way for a mood.  Remember, our species and all of nature’s winged and feathered and four legged creatures, have developed very acute senses of smell for navigation and survival.  Smell tells us if something is edible, harmful, poisonous, if snow is coming and we risk exposure to the elements, or if the warmth and sweet refuge of another human soul beckons to us with safety, security, allure, promise and pleasure.  The truth is we don’t need to add anything to ourselves to be a natural aphrodisiac to the right someone, but because we can, we do.  Why not experiment and bring your sense of humor along.  I have had many people chase me down from grocery stores to car garages and shyly ask with much embarrassment, and a declaration that they are not stalking me or normally the type to be so forward:  “WHAT IS THAT THAT YOU ARE WEARING?  I HAVE TO KNOW!”  

A few of my favorites and some of the most powerful:

Oak Moss:  This earthy, loamy, fertile oil smells like a blanket of green forest you would lie down on, with your lover…..

Clove:  This one is hard for even the most Puritanical person to resist! Warm and Spicy and Welcoming…

Jasmine:  Jasmine flower beckons us to lean in and get soft, to surrender and release any silly resistance we feel inclined to maintain…..

Sandalwood:  She smells of an exotic, alluring boudoir resplendent with regality, maturity, experience and sophistication….

Patchouli:  Taking this essence in deeply, especially once it interacts with the natural heat and chemistry of the skin, instantly puts us in our bodies - our whole bodies, and opens us to rapture.  

Just know….heads will turn and hearts may fall.  Why not align yourself with the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus, whose name, at its root, means to strive and desire….for in reaching to create more beauty through the collective, we ultimately have the opportunity to evolve personally and as a species.  Everything wonderful has love as its impetus.  

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