Drug resistance….

Oregano Oil, in addition to being one of my go-to oils for all heavy immune system issues when the body is fighting major viral attack or bacterial attack, this wonderful oil has proven, time and again, to prevent an invader’s ability to develop resistance to it.  My niece had a Staff infection under her nose, when she was young, that defied Clorox baths, copious and incessant cleaning of bedding, towels, laundry, vacuuming, and the whole household, antibiotics both topically and internally and most every other alternative thing you can think of.  Finally my sister-in-law surrendered and listened to her own deep knowing, and it led her back to her joy and bliss in horticultural training and to the plants and herbs.  She began applying oregano oil mixed with olive oil to the site of the MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staph Aureus - the super bug so feared in all clinical settings) and diffusing it in the home 24/7 and within weeks my niece was cured.  Plants have existed alongside some of nature’s most virulent invaders and unwanted guests and have an extremely advanced and evolved immune system.  I love that we can rely on their wisdom by working with the oils and “borrow” their immune system’s wisdom when we apply them to our own bodies.

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