Let’s dive deep: The ebb and flow of life and cycles is the penultimate regulating mechanism of the Universe and the Cosmos and beyond - nature in its most seminal and primordial architecture. Life is all about the inspire and the expire…inhalation and exhalation of this current (as in flow of water) dance. The current dance we are engaged in with Nature has developed a wobble, for many reasons, but there is no blame. Everything is as it should be. The Earth’s magnetism is at an all time low, and we know, that magnetic pulls are critical to flow, just as the magnetism of our heart is critical to the regular pumping of the blood and contractions of the smooth muscle. Magnetism makes Divine orchestration.

Spending time with the plants and trees reveals to me the myriad of ways we hold our breath in life. As an avid scuba diver in my younger years, I now ponder hyercapnia from a different perspective. Atmospheres, after all, determine so much in life. When we are under great forces and pressures, and just breathing can be a Herculean task, our ebb and flow will naturally become out of balance. We all currently reside, literally, in a herpercapnic state. The plants and trees need our full exhale. We develop acidosis within, and are literally suffocating on our own breath in life, for lack of time in nature and stress induced breath holding. Just as the beautiful green friends on this planet nourish us with their oxygen giving life force, we nourish them. Next time you walk in a forest, ask yourself, can I more fully nourish these beings in gratitude and offer all I have, a full release? “No man is an island”, as the saying goes….we live in a commensalistic design with all of life. As a way to give back, I try to exhale more fully, to gift the plants and trees. I allow their pull and attraction to encourage my full opening and letting go. Let them beckon us back to balance, for we need it and they need it, for they have the wisdom to guide us though this crazy maze of our own creation.

I’ll be letting go, now. Much has expired and lived out its “shelf life”.