What is aromatherapy?  The teachings from some of the most ancient living things on this planet, that above all, vitality and health come from rooting down into the loamy goodness for sustenance and rising up in every moment towards our highest expression and taking in the SUN, opening fully to life’s gifts.  In this upright nature, we see how over and over heliotropism serves us.  Never does a tree or flower cower, or hide, or say - “Well, that’s enough sun for today, I should ration this light”.  To be present, just like the plants and trees, is to first seek nourishment and sustenance from below, our soil, our food, our connections in life that feed us, and second to sing our songs with joy and abandon and fully blossom for all to see.  They teach us that to do anything shy of that, is constriction and not our nature.  Thank you Helios, God of Sun and Light, for reminding us of this beautiful principle, this Universal Law to shine our own light.