They say in life we must choose our camp. I was told this as a brand new parent. I’m not much of a believer in either/or choices or black/white viewpoints. Though I choose attachment parenting in two seconds flat, it hatched a personal motto for me that has permeated my life and had great staying power for me. 

“Stay in the gra (y)”

Gray as in “there is no black and white, nobody is wrong or right and all is shades of gray. 

“Gra” as in grateful. Today and every day I posit that staying grateful is paramount. 

My camp. The one I choose again and again and again with every daybreak is LOVE. I feel deep gratitude for my inner guidance and wise teachers ( including the plants and trees) who have held me to this path through some of life’s biggest sorrows and difficulties. There in lie salvation and no laughable weaving of Providence. 

Emerald cypress:  the sweet yet clean and woodsy aroma along with the most silken emerald color drips from the bottle and elicits pure ond powerful heart healing like no other. The essence from these beautiful Australian trees helps with: vascular constrictions, boosting immunity, enlivening libido, varicose veins and many more imbalances. Rubbing several drops over my heart awakens my anahata heart chakra ( also green ) and I stand firmly in the live paradigm and all that signifies in life. Love is always the answer.