Big things come in little packages.  Yarrow.  Native to this blessed Land of Enchantment we call home.  It does indeed enchant us.  White flowers and oh so many medicinal uses.  The oil radiates the most magnificent blue color, though it comes from the white flowers.  Achillea Millefolium.  I just love that Latin name.  Achilles, or “Achilles Heel” can mean our soft underbelly, or our vulnerable point.  Millefolium means millions of flowers.  This beauty helps to staunch blood flow, ward off unwanted guests (parasites) and energies, and actually in my opinion, unwanted people too!  Not all love her spicy aroma, and yet, she is there to support us with love when we embark on working on health issues that could otherwise be our “Achilles Heel”.  

Growing in the Desert Southwest, she teaches us that though she is not big and showy and lucious, a million small compact, appropriately intelligent blossoms for this soil and climate, can create just as much radiance as a rose, in community.  This highly spiritual oil helps us speak our truth, is highly anti viral, and hugely calming as a “go to” for CNS issues.  Many use this oil as an anti-spasmatic and for gout.  The peppery yet sweet complexities or the aroma from this oil aids in breathing issues and helps fortify our auric field.  This oil will lead us all back to our knowing that our strength lies in blossoming; in community.