MOON-SHINE / and “white spruce oil”

It brings to mind something illicit - like homemade spirits and bootlegging. Yes, desires do come out at night. But, what if we could embrace desires and instead make the illicit lawful and celebrated? The moon is traditionally associated with woman. Woman, after all, when full, luscious, radiant and shining her wit can beckon the most puritanical of souls. The word “moon” originates from the word “mona”. What mysteries and magic did the Mona Lisa embody? She perpetually holds our intrigue!

Moonshine gifts a certain “je ne sais quoi”, or that something elusive, to the plants and trees. Ask any biodynamic farmer as they prepare their seminary. As the moon pulls on the tides and waters of this planet, she too, pulls on the “amrit” or essence of the plants and trees. It certainly pulls on a woman’s cycle by speaking to our pituitary glands. Truth is, she can make all of us two-legged creatures a little wild with fire and desire, around the full-moon time. Likewise, she can inspire us to bed down with our beloved, to create new life, at the new moon phase.

White Spruce speaks to me most powerfully of the moon’s glistening magic; her noble heights rise above the neighboring deciduous companions and in grandiose splendor she stretches out her bushy fringe to catch the moon’s rays - soaking up all the wisdom of the unseen that “Grandmother Moon” imparts. Working with White Spruce oil teaches us to tap into our own inner luminosity with the dance and sway and rhythm of our desires, and to serenade our selves in the still moments of the night.

This oil has huge analgesic properties, supports vital respiratory health and elevates us when extreme exhaustion has us in its grip. She alleviates stiff joints and aids rheumatism and arthritis. Her anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties are nothing to scoff at.

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