Nature is NOT Monochromatic

Chords in music create beauty.  Harmonizing voices create more beauty.  Diversity and community create beauty.  For any of you familiar with Pink Floyd, think of the image on The Dark Side of the Moon album, which has a white light passing through a triangle and the resultant, refracted light coming out as rainbow colors.  If you were to reverse the flow of the light, the whole orchestra of colors would come out as pure, white light, or unity - wholeness.  It truly takes all types to make this the “EPIC PLAY of LIFE”.  Nature knows that.  Gardens know that.  Companion planting makes for more disease resistance.  Let’s not make the mistake again of the Irish Potato Famine by clinging to an idea of monoculture existence….for our lives have become way too homogenous at this point.  It is in commensalism that we find protection and friendship and security.  We all crave it and need it and rely on it, in the end.  Welcoming in the full array of the plant and tree realm, all the wondrous variety therein, ensures we receive all we need for vitality.  Welcoming in the full array of vegetables (yes, Mom was right!) ensures we receive the full spectrum of minerals and vitamins……Welcoming in all the colorful emotions in life, even the ones that can taste bitter and that we have an aversion to, leads us to full expression - the white light.  I regularly challenge myself to work with the oils whose smell I may not care for initially, for even the “Dark Side of the Moon” has much to teach us.  Notice which oils you crave and adore, and love too, the ones you shy away from or want to deny…..