I cooked up some delicious scrambled eggs this morning, with cream.  Yeah, that’s right - cream - lots of it.  OK, I am blessed with a high burning metabolism that is sometimes a curse when I can’t keep warm in the Rocky Mountains in January for want of body fat…..but I tell my friends I am going for the cream on top version of life.  Rosemary and Thyme found their way to the top of my Rosemary sourdough bread, soaked and pan toasted in ghee and turmeric….I said out loud:  “Of Course!” to nobody else in my house, occupied by me alone and ALL-ONE.  Rosemary and Thyme are a sacred pairing.  They can both certainly hold their own and stand alone, but some things in life are just all the more sweet when they stand next to a friend.  I have a real aversion to the either/or mentality, and by my side, holding my hand through some very difficult life transitions has been my favorite word, AND.  Father Time (Thyme) and Mother Mary (Rosemary) are just such an example of AND.  

I have see-sawed back and forth this year between wondering if everything is sacred or nothing is sacred.  It’s been that kind of a year for me.  The coyote medicine kind of year.  This morning I listed to my own wisdom and said to myself in answer:  AND.  AND is the answer.  Love is always the answer and love knows no duality.  Love is Union.   I have a deep belief and always have, of Twin Flames.  As a Gemini, my life has often represented seeming polar opposites in communion.  Those who love me dearly scratch their heads, while I just smile, and ask themselves which version of me will show up in the moment.  Hey, I am not saying it would be easy to love a Gemini - it hasn’t always been easy to love myself.  At my weakest I must seem a little like the movie Sybil with fractured personalities - not clinically, mind you, just metaphorically.  At my best, I bring Shiva and Shakti to dance as consorts in equal splendor and can indeed manifest my heart’s desires in life.  They represent noble gasses, just as Rosemary and Thyme do.  Noble gasses such as argon or neon shine so brightly they intrigue us and hold our childlike fascination through the ages.  Noble gasses have very low reactivity.  They know not co-dependence.  When they combine, their energies explodes in synchronistic expansion.  The alchemy lies in their ability to fully inhabit their own magnificence first and foremost, and then come together in sacred union.  

I would call these two oils to task when an individual was struggling with a deeply rooted, long standing bacterial or viral or fungal infection or toxin, that required a high level of compassion, skill, tact and softness.  I imagine them both in union as the dexterous and sensitive bomb diffuser.  These two would be the nurse practitioner with all the skill of a doctor, embodied in Mother Teresa or Kuan Yin, in terms of mothering.  The high level of mastery of these plants conjoined, yet layered, in therapy, can work in tandem to surmount any dis-ease.  They both, incidentally, represent balanced male and female energies.  They are noble gasses, as outlined, or Kuan Yin married to Kuan Yang, if you get my meaning.  Thats the kind of love I am, complete unto myself, and the kind of love I want!  

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