Aromatherapy is the blessed invitation to experience a Re-Union. We are conjoined. We are not separate. At once fully human and fully divine and any separation - real or imagined - from nature and our nature, will lead us to experience disconnect and disease. We have evolved side by side with plants and trees, as conjoined twins, on this planet, and to go back to right relation to our extended selves offers harmony, balance, and homeostasis in our whole being. Getting back into relation with the plants and trees is coming home. Smell your food, touch and caress the kale you pick from your garden, take time to spend time with a tree in your backyard, walk barefoot on the grass, and talk to your flowers. Any and all interaction with nature enlivens our senses and our being. Some, living in ultra urban environments, may need to find interaction with the trees and plants in a bottle - of essential oils. Perhaps that is how you begin, and then, get out in the woods, the garden….get your hands in the dirt to partake in the gifts of the green world! Just running my hands over the rosemary in my garden releases millions of molecules that communicate with me and my health. I smell it to start with, then bring it to my lips and mouth and really taste it, then maybe I take it in and steep it in some hot water for rosemary tea…..anything we take our precious TIME to spend with, and tell it and ourselves it matters, will reveal its deep and wondrous mysteries and secrets.