When was the last time you anointed someone?  Or yourself?  Anointing is like lighting a candle - a ritualistic way to say “We now cross over from the secular to the sacred. This moment is to be noted;it is critical and purgative and seminal all at once.”  

She was so beautiful. Head full of silver hair and an abundance of scars from poorly executed plastic surgery along with a painful absence of knowledge of her own true magnificence. She wore so many wounds on her heart that she bled through for all to see. Yet, there she was, at the perfect time for her unique growth, in her late life, brushing herself off with a strength of spirit, that all I could do was bow. She wanted something different. 

She shared a few of her battle stories with me, and I saw she was just scratching the surface. With the aria Ave Maria playing in the background, I looked across the room at this total stranger, or my sister, or my mother, or my daughter, or my child. I began to cry. Completely unchecked. So moved and touched. Piñon ponderosa was the oil I used. In sweet support and doing my best to convey to her what I SAW, with no words, I placed a few drops on her third eye and over her heart. Neither spoke, but our desire to embark on a more holy path in life, and our tears, united us like no words could have. 

Frankincense, Myrrh, and Spikenard were a few of Jesus’ favorites, as well as Galbanum. Galbanum, one of my favorites, has a notoriety that permeates the ages and the entire Middle East. As a friend during one of the most seismic transmutations of my life, the courage and comfort she imparts will not be forgotten. Something about the smell spoke to me and said “Go on. Do this. You can go back. Here is a brief cocoon of safety to do this very deep work you must do. I’ve got your back”. 

Galbanum also provides relief from bugs and pests, is a powerful anti tumor agent on its own and sandwiched in between Myrrh and Frankincense. It addresses prostatitis and alleviates UTIs. 

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  1. Laurel Catto

    Lovely, Jill. So great to
    see you come into your
    own with this exciting
    new chapter. You bring
    such great love & spirit
    to this work!

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