Foremost delivery comes from supreme receptivity. It’s all about the flow. We gaze to and glean insight from the Hindu Goddess, Shakti. She’ll teach us of her primordial creation dance. I think of Tarragon, as the perfect companion to her Creatrix nature. Some things are just whole and all encompassing; Creation itself stands alone- it must. Inside protective confines of the amber vial, my nose discerns the emanations of all 5 Elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Ether.

A closet junkie of all things francophile, I relish the beauty of their romance language and love of food. For this herb, they have the word Estrogon. And so it is revealed: this remarkable plant’s true nature, in the name itself. The suffix “gon” means having form or shape - as in geometry or “pentagon” (five sided or angled)….the root word of Estrogon is indeed the root of us ALL - “Estrus”….that blessed frenzied state of incomparable and heightened receptivity to the seeds in circulation, the full engorged preparation to accept and house life. Nature is sexy, right?! We marvel at all the estrogenic compounds in woman soil that enliven estrus and so embrace the flow of creativity.

Tarragon is my “go to” essential oil relating to all constrictions of flow. The colon - our foundational, hard working and under-cared for organ, loves Tarragon. She ameliorates all digestive toxins and issues and her hand, it recently revealed to me in soul work, how she supports the release of all “spirit toxins”. She unveiled her teaching that stagnancy in any realm does breed the poison. Hooks into our creative deliveries in life, our abundance fruits from creative field, will prove their draining powers again and again. She paves the way for all extraneous parasites to shed. Be gone Remoras (the fish that attach to Sharks)! Leeches (human and other) can indeed leave us anemic and starved of our own thermogenesis. Tarragon walks us home to reclamation of our vital forces so Shakti can proceed with her eternal twirl and spin.

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