Upon reflection, I am reminded that the essential oils, or essences, offer us a blessed look in the mirror.  That is their gift.  St. Francis said that we are that which we seek, and sometimes we just need a gentle nudge and a reminder.  Our bodies sometimes do, likewise.  Like attracts like and our bodies alone will ultimately heal themselves, if supported correctly.   By working with the whole plant or tree, our bodies instantly recognize the medicinal properties within the essence, and will respond in like kind.  The properties responsible for respiratory clearing, for instance, in Eucalyptus Oil, will bring about a natural resonance within our respiratory system, and our bodies will follow suit, because all things have a natural pull and inclination to return to homeostasis.  

In noticing symptoms in our physical health, the allopathic model would have us apply the “contrary”,  to bring about cessation of symptoms.  Then, as we know, the dis-ease just goes deeper or like water, finds another way to come out and show itself, and we fall prey to a false sense of health and vitality.  Working with oils, the wondrous variety within a single essence, in terms of number of chemo-types, allows the oil to mirror that which we naturally know on a cellular level as homeostasis, and all the while provides a healthy dose of the “contrary” or antidote as well.  The oils time and again re-educate our systems about where to find the balance point, because they are whole, and that is where our bodies long to return to.  That is why all essences are harmonizing agents.  So, where a modern pharmaceutical will apply the antidote, in time this will cause toxic side effects.  The whole plant or tree, however, already has that solution worked out, as it too has the balancing chemo-type within it, and our bodies will cease to absorb the antidote property when it has had its fill and the other chemo-types will be absorbed if and when they are needed.  Chemists and drug companies isolate one particular active property of a plant and tree medicine, and chemically manufacture it so it can be patented and profitable and proprietary, however:

Dr. Andrew Weil, a veritable champion in the nutritional and alternative health care field, says it this way so succinctly:

“Taking one property out of an herb or plant to make a drug, is like taking the intelligence out of the plant, and leaving the wisdom behind.”  

Reflect on that which you already are, and ask what supportive natural amendments will remind you of your vitality…..