Let’s talk about fire, spice, passion….one aspect of the inner reclamation of ourselves, that many of us are being asked to address, is embracing, again, the sexual/sensual aspects of ourselves. The Victorian Era and its paradigms are still alive and well, mind you, in our society, despite the rampant “out of integrity” exploitation of gross sexualization, such as unchecked pornography. And so, we have the two extremes…button it up, fear it, relegate it to the brothel….or paste it all over the internet from a very limited portrayal of healthy sexuality, and delivered in harmful and often illegal ways, so that it becomes completely degrading and illicit. In there, the way of wholeness and authenticity, is the balance point. Each of us has a libidinous player within us, just waiting to strip and tease. Each of us has a tender and loving, shy vulnerability that wants to insure our sexual encounters are held in security and true connection. The universal drive we all share, that for true intimacy, frightens most of us to such an extent, that we run from it, when in actuality, we should lean into it. So come here, get close, and I’ll whisper a very easy way to for you to work with sexual issues….I’ll whisper it with hot breath and tickle-speak in your ear: start by cultivating intimacy with yourself.

Cinnamon and Cassia Bark can support us by bringing to light how we feel with the spicy aspects of ourselves - our core sexual issues. In Ayurveda, it is imperative that every meal has all 6 flavors to be balanced and whole and truly life supporting: bitter, pungent, sweet, salty, astringent, and sour. So too, must our expression of ourselves in life include all facets of us, to taste delectable and support our vitality. Let’s face it, we feel the most alive when we walk past the mirror and can quiet that inner critic, and say “Oh, hello there, you spicy Goddess!” or “God”, when appropriate. That’s when we don our strut, and all those around us notice that we are glowing and “look so good, in love”. Love, the love for our partner and for ourselves, and as an extension, for all of humanity and for life, does indeed suit us. What better clothing to drape ourselves in, than that love and connection?! The drive for all coupling, is, after all, union and creativity.

My favorite ways to use these oils, is to place a drop or two on the back of my hand and lick it off. Be prepared for the heat. One drop of either of them in a water bottle to sip on all day, is a wonderful way to use them too (please only ingest oils that are pure, therapeutic and medicinal grade such as Wisdom of the Earth). When placing on the body neat, directly on the skin, note that these are “yang” or “hot” oils and place drops on the bottoms of the feet, where we do not have the same receptors for heat sensations. Always, either, do a test patch or layer the “hot” oils between two cooling oils, or place on the bottoms of the feet, unless you know how to work with them. Both are aphrodisiacs, highly anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, carminatives, anti-cancer, good for gum and mouth care, and increases our appetite on all levels!

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