I have a bucket list. I have no plans to “kick the bucket” anytime soon, so my list is, rather, a “fill the bucket” list. I’ve too much vitality and youth in me for the former. There is a place in Vancouver that I dream of visiting, where suspension bridges meet the regal Firs, in a wondrous, heavenly walk through heights that thrill, and afford us all a different view of life, entirely. My truest heart, after all, from the time I was a little girl, has always belonged to the trees. The story goes… that a 300 year old Douglas Fir, weighing 46 tons, fell and “fell” under the forces of a mighty wind storm, upon the original suspension bridge that was built in 1889. Granted, that bridge has since been fortified, yet I know, that the bridge did not break, because the very nature of the Fir, is to suspend: to suspend space and time, to suspend causality and locality, and to serve as a divine bridge for us all in health and healing. The Fir is the quintessential gap span between ancestors and progeny alike.

I work with Fir when I intend generational healing. This is Quantum Physics, my dears, so suspend for just a breath, your Newtonian minds….This is where wisdom travels in quantum realms (Think Bell’s Theorem) and the Fir, she spans great distances (time) and heights (evolution) to gift us with a scent so pure and sweet, we are bound to return to point of origin - our true inner vitality. Allow her to serve as our “bridge over troubled waters” and lend her hand to us to elevate our soul’s evolution - on our behalf and in an instant, those who came before and who’ve yet to come. Breathe her in!

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