I have a deep knowing - it came to me awhile back. Inherent within every seed is the mechanism for its success. Nature does not create folly or mistake. Each and every seed has at the very root of its architecture and design, the blueprint for its actualization. The human seed is implanted in the most precious of vessels and cannot be separated out from its endosperm, the holy womb. Inside this soft and protective encasing, they have just the nourishment they need -when the shell is well cared for and nourished too (the Mother). Once our babes are ready to come into this world, we literally have to cut the tie, the umbilicus. Yet again, though less literal, the seed is given the gifts for survival, when we all support nature and nursing, and her grand design to usher in not only the survival, but the “thrive-al” of our infants. There are many phases of weaning a seed from the seminary, and the birthing process is the first. At each successive phase, as we feel the sprout gains more adaptability and hardiness, they are weaned incrementally from the wombs. So begins the path to potentiation, and some day, hopefully after we have absorbed and relished all the blessings of their presence in our direct care, they fly away….

Many essential oils shine, when used to nourish and protect our sacred seeds. In the whole cycle, the increase, the creation, and the decrease, we take a look at three of them:
Anise Raven - this oil gifts us the ability to tap into desires and usher in fertility, so we may pave the way for something new. It prepares and builds the soil, so to speak.
Clary Sage - this beauty is wonderful to use at all times in the female reproductive cycle. Hugely supportive for the gestation phase and birthing time, and beyond. (I would add Red Raspberry Seed Oil and a healthy dose of Raspberry leaf tea as well, to the “growing baby” protocol, to tonify and relax the uterus muscles during gestation and into labor)
Fennel - This essential oil, a marvelous galactagogue, helps with assuring babies have an abundance of milk flowing freely from their mother.

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