Well, we have danced around the bush long enough. The epicenter - the nexus, awaits. I am a firm believer that all souls and plants/trees/flowers have a role to play and a unique beauty and light all their own. However, Rose truly is the Belle of the Ball, and few would deny her radiance and grace. Rose reminds us that in full bloom, our full expression, is the achievement of the highest vibration and beauty. Even the analytical chemists and “techies” amongst you, see that Rose has the highest vibration of all the plants on the gas chromatograph. Our nose knows. Our hearts know. One cannot gaze upon her beauty and ignore the thorn. She is as unabashedly willing to show her soft vulnerable soft petals as she is to bare her thorns. That’s real power and prowess. She embodies the wholeness of life and nature: at once soft, wet, tender, delicious and simultaneously able to draw blood and pierce the skin of those who threaten her divine love, with swiftness. Rose encompasses the gift and the threat, life and death, the medicine and the poison. In her ancient wisdom, then, she dresses all wounds.

“We can complain that the rose has thorns, or rejoice because the thorn has roses.” - Abraham Lincoln

I rejoice that this essence harmonizes and remediates all heart wounds or imbalances, works as a wonderful moisturizer for our skin, ameliorates dry and wrinkled skin, heals wounds, and is wonderful to use in all cancer treatments or abuse recovery issues. This essence shines when used for emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, and any serious imbalance of body, mind or spirit. That, my beautiful friends, is LOVE TRIUMPHANT.

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