Tangier:  Entrance gate to Africa, Moroccan nexus for many cultures, sweet and tangy all at once with a bite.  I laugh and think of the strange drink of my childhood called TANG?!  An Orange with much to teach us and tidings of delight and joy, cheer and creativity.  For if we’re good, St. Nicholas puts a tangerine or clementine in our stockings in lieu of coal…..that sun kissed sphere represents gold.  So, indeed, Tangerine is a treasure for our bodies, minds, and souls.  For our colons it relaxes any smooth muscle spasms.  For our spirits, it battles depression.  Sunshine in a bottle, I say.  Diffuse this beauty and I dare you, just dare you, to try to be grumpy!  This oil aids in bile production and clearing of the gallbladder and lifts feelings of being overburdened in life.