Rue,  (the essential oil) and I,​ walked hand in hand through the door, into the chambers of my real life.  Perennial and cyclical thresholds inspire us to go back to our Origin - the beginning.  So, our first step across the brink must be elementary.  That’s why I love studying the etymology of words and the gifts of pedagogical stories - myths and archetypes and Kachinas.  

OK.  Truth or Dare - and I daresay the truth:  I’m feeling a little vulnerable in this moment, like I might lose you.  Yet, maybe, you’ll stay with me, here……As Paul Simon sings, life and love (synonyms in my book) are best in Kodachrome - so each day can be a sunny day.  I want me, in full spectrum.  So began my recent journey with auto-urotherapy, or in the language I must have spoken at one time in my evolution, because I love it so much, that of Sanskrit, Shivambu Shastra.  I was at a place in my healing that I needed to return to the Mother.  Shivambu Shastra is known as “The Mother of Ayurveda”.  She’d been knocking at my door for decades, but I wasn’t ready, yet, to entertain her.  I knew one evening, so forcefully, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my healing lie in the unclaimed treasures of myself, that I was passing and passing on.  Urine is liquid gold.

Do your own research.  I did.  Still, the first drink - as the first step in life across any threshold - was the most difficult.  (I hear you retching….bear with me here.)  I can tell you, no waste product can taste so right.  I threw my head back and just let my body wisdom and attraction take the reins.  I said “YES!” to all parts of me.   Rue essential oil,​ walks in from stage left:  this essence has, many times these last few years, and not so subtly (at all!) brought me to my knees in fits of sobbing.  The keening, that can only be called cathartic, was the teaching.  Each time, Rue shined the double rainbow for me, after the storm.  In loving and really seeing my failures (to digest or integrate and assimilate- which defines the nature of urine) I have learned to love my regrets.  I take them back, reclaim them and in doing so, gift myself the “Do Over”.  The learnings and medicine of life are like that.  Urine holds powerful medicine and nutrition the second go around, for those brazen enough to drink it.  

Rue, incidentally, is steam distilled from the WHOLE plant, and so was able to teach me to seek wholeness again​.  I bow to her, as the eternal Goddess that shows us the power of the whole - just as my beloved, Sumerian, original Goddess Inanna does.  Inanna, my “Tocaya”, or namesake in Spanish, led me to the sacred harvest temple that houses the gold:  urine, Rue, and ALL OF US.  Roux (here comes the latent francophile in me to play) is the thickener of life, the primordial base - just ask the chefs.  Roux fleshes out the sauce and gives it substance…..Yes to Rue, and Roux, and yes, again, for I want me, fully fleshed out in life - the rich sauce - beyond all imaginings of gustatory delight!  

Rue, as a core essence, a teacher of the core flow of us, has the gift of regulating interruptions, or muscle spasms and stuck heart energy.  Likewise she assists greatly with epilepsy - spasms of the brain electronics, and pleurisy - inflammation of the lungs that inhibit the flow of our Prana, or life force breath.  This essence is wonderful for all CNS issues and imbalances and alleviates painful menses due to clotting and cramping.  Though a Yin oil, gentle in her way, we dare not call her a welter weight!  

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