Frankincense. “Frank” - being transparent, evident, obvious, naked and “Incense” - gum or resin burned to create a sweet smell and also meaning “to enkindle”.
When we are flared up, riled up, irritated and incensed, we are not necessarily our true selves. Our true nature is peace and soft focus and clarity. Frankincense is one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories. How do we walk around in our days carrying inflammation and irritation in all aspects of who we are - emotionally, physically and psycho-spritually? Inflammation also brings with it a whole host of healing properties - it certainly gets our attention, and often through pain with a megaphone. There is also a time to let go of the irritation and irrigate it out, to create stillness and harmony. Having all our immune cells flood an area can bring great healing, and it can create a bottleneck of fluid that can impede flow and cause swelling, long term. Frankincense returns us to our true selves - ease, grace, flow, mobility, absence of pain. It helps us be more frank and enkindles our ability to let go of the fire, or enkindles our coals, when our inner light has dimmed to much. Fire/pain/swelling/inflammation - all heat in the body, has a very appropriate place, as does a good scream or tantrum, when well placed. It can also consume us if left unchecked. Put out the wildfires in your being, including anger, with the calming and sweet smell and properties of this divine essence. The traders in Biblical times did not need to market or advertise its worth. It was, indeed, worth its weight in gold.

I use this oil in meditations, often. Allow it to guide you back to your truth, or still point. I use this oil for any number of injuries and chronic pain or inflammation, including any CNS issues such as encephalitis or dementia. The essence helps on many levels to negate carcinogenic activity in the body, is highly anti-viral and is a general immune tonic.

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