Anyone who cares about longevity and sustainability, tends the seeds of life. They are the powerhouse of stored energy and information, the fractal, miraculous representation of all that can be, and will be. We usually think of the “will” as something we force - some unnameable element we summon up from pure fire in our belly and disregard to all exterior circumstances, and force and effort a desire or dream to manifest. In softening that belief, we see and understand a flower does not EFFORT to bloom, yet its “will” has plenty of drive. Here are the distinguishing declarations: “I WILL get my Master’s degree, in spite of all the things and people in my life, in my way” or “The vital life force within me, that wants my potential to become actualized, enlivens my will as a soul and guides me to manifest and accomplish what I need to, to best serve in this life and evolve as a being, with ease and grace.” Wow. Everyone of us has the blueprint of US, already within us. In truth, that blueprint was already inside our Grandmother’s body - When my blessed daughter was gestating within my womb, she already had the seeds to my potential grandchildren stored deep within her tiny ovaries. What a miracle!

So many young ones have so much wisdom. Our teachers are everywhere, in the millions of things that unfold in life before me in every moment. I am the teacher and the student, always…..yet, I can say I am astounded by the wisdom of the youth, lately. Some call them the Indigo Children, some call them the Crystalline Children, I can say the seeds are here to remind us of the Divine blueprint. Seeds remind us to enfold around our core values, to hold tight - not in stress - but in fortification and preparation for big growth. I marvel at the sight of a big cat, getting small and silent, muscles twitching (already practicing the movement) crouching out of sight with supreme patience, before the pounce. He is preparing himself for success, then as he sets his intention on the action, there is no effort - it just unfolds.

This seeming disarray of modern life has us all more than a little short-sighted. It is necessary and perfect, just as it is. It is fallow, yet deep within lies so much fodder for powerful catapulting movement and expression - the seeds give voice to the forest. Let’s honor the cycle we find ourselves in, and trust. Look up. The revival is happening all around us, but we have to put on the goggles of the youth and innocence and have deep faith in the unfolding of nature. One of my favorite authors says it so plainly:

“The creation of a thousand forests, is in one acorn.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Aromatherapy is welcoming back in the love and learnings of nature into our dens. A re-wilding. Kiss and bless a teenager or young adult today, and REALLY listen to their inherent wisdom. Love a seed today - gather one, wash it, store it, tuck it away, knowing it has a will and its will is to nourish us in service. Invite in some nut and seed oils to explore today, such as Carrot Seed Oil, or Hazelnut Oil. Let’s turn our eyes back to the beginning as we are poised to create a different world. Tending the seeds and remembering our reverence for them, starts with honoring the feminine: caring for the children and the storehouses for ALL our collective seeds - woman.

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