Be it the Sacred Seed of our Hearts, or the seed of the plant or the tree, or the seed of life’s tough learnings and lessons presented to us in spades of late, the seed holds the capacity, the potential, and the solution.  The dizzying and wonder-filled storehouse of genetic wonder, or DNA that has evolved and holds the records, the seed is ALL.  It is.  And so, I lean into life’s challenges and know the medicine is in this very moment of friction and vow to love it more, just as it is.  Friction cannot flourish in flow.  The seed essences teach me daily, the importance of flow and oleation.  Something cannot stick and slip off at the same time.  For to stand outside nature’s ways, and not revere the principle of flow and proper functioning of anything is to create “stickiness” in life.  The magnificent power of Rose Hip Seed oil, and Cucumber Seed oil to name a few, consistently amazes me.  The myriad of ways they can support our health and healing astounds me still.  

Rose Hip Seed Oil, with its very high content of lycopene, proves a veritable powerhouse of antioxidant activity.  It is wonderful for moisturizing the skin and wonderful for any beauty regime.  It has been used to heal damaged tissues for women after giving birth, and can be used in the most sensitive of places.  Drinking a small amount, a teaspoon or up to a tablespoon every morning on an empty stomach supports the colon and reduces colon spasms and reduces inflammation.  

Cucumber Seed Oil, will be as it is written.  Anyone who has pulled the seeds out of cucumber, knows the incredible slippery properties of the seeds.  And so, we can use her for all kinds of lubrication.  This seed oil is wonderful and nourishing and appropriate for delicate facial skin around the eyes and as a sexual lubricant.  It reduces wrinkles and provides many nutritional gifts when taken internally as well.