Pine trees have amongst many other chemo-types, terpenes. We all know the power and uses of turpentine, and so ask your grandmother or grandfather how turpentine was used to support their health in days of old….yeah, actually do it. You’ll be surprised. (Citrus oils are also rich in terpenes - and that same grandparent will tell you the marvels of cleaning with just lemon!) Pine trees keep the the air clean in a forest. They serve in many ways. As one of the best essences to use for respiratory imbalance or distress, it is no wonder. In construction we all know turpentine as a marvelous solvent. Soak and dip your paint brush in turpentine and it is new again. What do we need to solve, or absolve in our body, mind and/or spirit? What constrictions, plaques, adhesions, gummy buildup or mucous needs to be cleansed in order for us to be clean again? Look to how the tree or plant behaves in nature and we will find how it behaves in our bodies, for kid yourself not, WE ARE NATURE and cannot stand outside it…..and in welcoming in the essential oils as our allies, we can like the moon, be new and new again.