Rosemary. Mary’s Rose. What a beautiful combination in a name so fitting of this powerful plant. Who doesn’t love roses? It is all of love’s grand capacity in wondrous silken dewey-softness and fragrance. Mary Magdalene had that capacity. Mother Mary surely had it. It is said that the “Tres Marias” (the Three Marys) tend the cosmic garden with love and devotion. They are found in the band of three stars of Orion’s belt from the constellation for Gemini. Well, when they tend this Earth garden with their attention and intention, we are all blessed with this compact, vigorous and aromatic grayish green plant, whose tiny and delicate flowers remind us that all things bloom in due time and that beauty and blossom sometimes appear where we least expect them. Rosemary is a wonderful passage oil, good for all rights of passage. She is hugely supportive to those in transition and in need of both fortitude and tenderness. She aids in uplifting the spirit, in cleansing the liver, in ridding us of headaches, and in repelling parasites. We can all aspire to the level of love that is ROSE-MARY. ​

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