One of my favorite teachers says:  “The body will do what the mind will allow”.  We are understanding more and more about the quantum realm and how the laws of physics and biology we previously subscribed to, do not apply to the greater world, in many instances.  There are things unseen and things not fully understood as of yet, or long forgotten, that we would be wise to welcome in and open up a conversation around.  All things have intelligence, or as the wise ones say: “There is no such thing as an object”.  The medicines that the plant and tree world provides us, have wisdom beyond measure.  What would it take for us to lay down our anthropocentric views and lay at the feet of these beautiful teachers and listen first.  In our very limited view of human supremacy, I find it curious that though we claim to “have it all figured out”, we are likely the most disconnected, out of balance, disease-ridden species on our blessed Planet Earth.  In welcoming back our NATURE, and our connection to nature, we can heal so much….starting with what the Hopi natives of the Southwest call Koyanisquasi (or nature out of balance).  The cascade and domino effect then will take on a momentum of its own, and by the human race adopting a more reverent and humble attitude of our inter-connectedness and inter-relation to all of nature, we will tip the scales back to a place of homeostasis we have all been needing and craving.  What if it was just that simple?  I challenge you to work with the plant and tree medicine and surrender your very constricted allopathic view and remind yourselves that millions of people since time immemorial, in cultures so much older and wiser than ours, could not all be wrong.