The holy trinity. I just love the number three! I’m ruminating today, rolling it around again and again in my awareness, on the beauty of Holy Basil. Tulsi. Revered in India and around the world as a powerful tonifying herb. She’s just beautiful and diverse. Holy Basil attends to all our parts, thus providing a reflection of wholeness. One of the most wondrous cephalic plants, this essential oil helps with all brain disease - physical manifestations and constraints in our belief systems. A true digestif. It is no surprise that she supports our other two blessed command centers (we do have three, you know!). Her work with our heart can be so tender and poignant at once. Holy Basil regulates blood pressure and keeps our heart beating its true measure. Descending, for of course constricted mind and belief systems reflects in our creative and generative centers too, our reproductive and digestive systems. Tulsi, she nurses any digestive disturbances and is wonderful to use for all reproductive constrictions and irregularities, for male and female, both. With anti- inflammatory properties and all the ways in which she lights our fire for living (anti-depressant), I bow to this most beautiful plant. What magic and creation is possible when we are running on all three cylinders?! All systems, GO!

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