I think this time of year about all the weekend warriors….those dear souls who are so excited about long summer nights and any free time they wrestle out of their busy lives, and how every last minute is spent on the mountain bike or hitting the pavement with their happy feet.  Then, come Monday, the body protests…..sound familiar anyone?  The fire in the belly of the muscle is not fun!  I think we have all been here.  So, I say:  wintergreen, birch, lemongrass, and marjoram and a dash of frankincense for good measure.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Frankincense are well known and revered.  Inflammation is good.  To a point.  And so when it crosses from acute to chronic, bring in this oil to relieve the pain associated with any inflammation. Wintergreen and Birch are excellent for any bone issue, spur, bone bruising, and help with bursa pain and/or disc/meniscus issues.  Marjoram is my favorite “go-to” for sore, achy muscles, and relieves spasms and cramps and deep muscle tension.    Lemongrass is wonderful for any soft tissue, ligament or tendon tears or irritation.  The essences can support us on so many levels and there are many who will only reach for them if there is a physical issue - no matter, they don’t discern, and work on us on all levels whether we are aware of it or not.  And we all need a helping hand sometimes, in our blessed physical bodies!