Violet.  A smell almost forgotten….  Maybe it calls up memories of a beloved grandmother. and her bath water.  It used to be a common scent, and the Violet plant has been evolving and has been bred, just like many purebred animals, to the point of weakening genetic material, perhaps…..who knows if it is an improvement, a natural evolutionary shift on the part of the plant or a result of human’s interference, horticulturally speaking.  Either way, the natural violet flower no longer smells.  The violet leaf still does, and this is an essence that elicits the energetic signature of the violet flower that used to grace us with her beauty and tenderness and sweetness.  This essence is wonderful to use in times of feeling extreme vulnerability in our hearts.  Those times when we feel so raw we doubt the skin will ever heal over….Practically speaking, we now have the Violet Leaf as the keeper of the aromatic records, and the Violet flower as a “natural isolate”, a compound extracted to reproduce the scent and added back in to other parts of the plant….I use them both, with full knowledge of the difference and purity, and love them both.  Other uses are for acne, a powerful liver detoxifier, and comfort/healing for a sore throat.