Aaaaaahhhhh…That sweet spot.  The one where life unfolds effortlessly and we have sublime equanimity and perspective.  Life is all about the balance and keeping in the point of homeostasis where health and vitality thrive. Extreme swings in life one way or the other, demand and naturally call forth the saying “the antidote must be in keeping with the severity of the dis-ease” and neither swing on the pendulum is comfortable.  So, when I seek balance, in think of Calamus and Ginger, two beautiful essences with distinct ways of helping us keep our center.

Ginger root, used traditionally for sea-sickness, helps us digest the ebb and flow and the up and downs of life.  Eating ginger candy is a wonderful way to ease sea-sickness or that feeling on an airplane too.  Rubbing ginger oil on the stomach, around the belly button, is a great way to alleviate dizziness or times we feel out of sorts and can’t put our finger on it.  Helps with all levels of dis-orientation and brings clarity and laser focus with its way of igniting our inner heat.  

Calamus, a highly anti-fungal essence, is a go-to for vertigo.  It is a cooling oil and so would be great to use behind the ears along the eustachian tubes, to alleviate any issues with incorrect proprioception or nausea created by vertigo. Many people are increasingly becoming sensitive to electro magnetic interference by the use of so much wireless technology, and this essence can support us and ground us, literally.