Sailors have so much wisdom. Their roots, or connection to nature, must penetrate deep into the ocean floor, like a giant, primordial kelp forest. Maritime wisdom has its own lore and flavor. Flow. Underneath the often giant waves and turbulence, lies a quiet calm and power, much like silence and stillness within us. The one we can tap into at any moment.

Ocean Pine, or Maritime Pine teaches us so much about being in the ebb and flow of life. The cycles and rhythms of nature at the seashore are often to easiest to detect….the tides are such a beautiful reminder of knowing everything has its “right” time, and to try to swim against a current or a rip tide, is ultimately, suicide. Yet, how often are we in resistance of “what is”? I for one am tired of trying to fight the rip tide….and so, we are called to let go, to surrender, to find ease and grace and go with the flow, the current of life, knowing a deep reserve and strength lie just under the surface of these crazy Class V waters. Our job, with the help of this beautiful and wise tree, is to remember the calm, deep waters are always there and the stability of land is never far, even when our vision is obstructed as we reside in the trough of a manaical wave. The crest will come, and we will rise with it, and we will see once again, or salvation from the torrent.

Ocean Pine is wonderful for all respiratory distress, arthritis, rheumatic pain, and sinus blockages and infections. Notice how all of those ailments are, ultimately, not being in the FLOW? What lies beneath our constrictions and resistance?