Today I’m being SELF -ISH

All the kids love their new "hip" word -"ish". Anytime something is sort of true, it's "ish". Little suffix stands alone and they smile, but not too big, lest they destroy their cool demeanor, you know?  

It got me thinking.... to be self -ish is to be kind of like myself.  Well, to that, I say "Yes!"  Yeah!  I like me! Who wouldn't want to be like themselves and isn't that our learning in life? To love ourselves first and foremost!?  We each have the power to reframe beliefs in each moment and write a new stanza. 

So today, I choose oils JUST because they are yummy to me. JUST because they make me smile. JUST because I matter and choose to be like myself and good to myself. I choose today to be sent-ient! Scent is sensing and sensual.   

 Ylang Ylang -oh so delicious and silky and mysterious and evocative.  Come closer if you dare. 

Vanilla-Wow!  Need I say more?  I smell like someone's baked holiday delights and I revel in that!  I smile knowing others smell it too and wonder...."who's that woman?"

Cassia bark - I love feeling alive and spicy and tingling in life. No complacency allowed today!  Ignite. Enliven. Play. One drop in my water bottle.